Community Feels Like HOME

The feeling of belonging is something that humans innately crave. This week we had that feeling of belonging to our community, and it was incredible! It wasn’t one action or situation that made us feel this, rather it was many small moments throughout our week. From our neighbors coming over for a visit as we did yard work, to being recognized at our favorite eatery and seeing family while out and about; this week was our week of feeling like we are HOME!


To me, community is critical. That’s why when I graduated high school I took a year off of my studies to volunteer with AmeriCorps, right in my hometown and continue to volunteer in my community whenever I can. When I made my move to beautiful North Lake Tahoe after graduating college it was because I was yearning for a new, eclectic sense of community; I again found this in my AmeriCorps volunteering. Building a community where people feel safe, welcomed and have a sense of belonging takes decades – I’m truly looking forward to being able to contribute to this in our community.


Fun Fact: Martinez established the Martinez Community Foundation back in 1993 – The same year that Beanie Babies were introduced to the world!

Check out the Martinez Community Foundation and some of the great things they’ve done by going to their website:

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Waterfront Park at Dusk

On one of our evening strolls this week, we were greeted by an incredibly beautiful sunset. The air was cool, fresh and had an earthy smell to it. The sounds of the park were just incredible – From kiddos chasing each other around the many play structures to the sounds of the bocci ball courts; it sounded like everyone at the park was having an absolute blast at the Waterfront Park! We gratefully soaked in the sounds, smells, and sights of our awesome new hometown.

Once we were on our way home we happened upon a mother deer and her two fawns snacking on the grasses of the Waterbird Regional Preserve. Mark, Cici and I watched them quietly so that we wouldn’t disrupt them but as soon as the mama deer saw us they all sprinted away.

If you’re interested in seeing this gorgeous park for yourself or would like further information here is their website:


Fun Fact: McNabney Marsh has a long history in the restoration efforts in our area, starting as early as the 1970s. 

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Our New Home

The boxes are all unpacked, the linens are all washed and the storage bins have been put away! Our first two weeks in our new home have been blissful, and we are falling head over heels for our new town. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of our delightful neighbors who educated us about the cities heritage and upcoming events; including the King of the County BBQ Challenge & Music Festival, held during Father’s Day weekend.

One of our favorite things to do is take a stroll downtown and take in some of the local bites. We have enjoyed Vic’s, Troy Greek, Taco Daddy’s and Sunflower Garden just to name a few. Outdoor seating is a must for us (so that we can bring our pup) and there is no shortage of that in our little town. Each and every time we have eaten downtown we’ve come across a familiar face – This is one of the many reasons we LOVE living in Martinez!

Link to King of the County BBQ Challenge & Music Festival:

Fun Fact: We learned that Martinez is the birthplace of the Martini.

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